View affordable Indiana Health Insurance Marketplace rates for individuals, families, small businesses and the self-employed. We provide the lowest online prices for subsidized Obamacare policies and unsubsidized plans for your medical coverage. Instantly compare free 2024 online quotes from multiple companies for the entire Hoosier State. Anthem, Aetna, Cigna, US Health And Life (Ascension), Ambetter and Caresource offer private plans. Policies are approved by the Indiana DOI.

UnitedHealthcare, Allstate (formerly National General), and other carriers offer unsubsidized coverage, including short-term options. Temporary plans are typically very inexpensive, and are offered throughout the entire year. Pre-existing conditions are not covered and applicants must complete a very short application to secure coverage. Benefits can begin the day after the policy is approved.

The least-expensive available ACA plans are: Anthem Bronze Pathway Essentials 9450, Anthem Bronze Pathway Essentials 5500, Anthem Bronze Pathway Essentials POS 5000, Anthem Bronze Pathway Essentials POS 7500 Standard, Anthem Bronze Pathway Essentials 7500 Standard, CareSource Marketplace Low Premium Bronze, Ambetter Standard Expanded Bronze, Cigna Connect Bronze 6500 Indiv Med Deductible Enhanced Diabetes Care, Cigna Bronze CMS Standard, Cigna Connect Bronze 3500 Indiv Med Deductible, and Aetna Bronze 2 HSA.

Indiana Senior Medicare Options

You can also review Senior Indiana Medicare Supplement plans and other Medigap options. If you have reached age 65, many policies are available to help pay out-of-pocket expenses that original Medicare benefits (Parts A and B) do not cover. Part D prescription drug plans (PDPS) are also offered by many companies along with several Advantage (MA) contracts. Consumers have many rights and protections, along with 10 standardized plans to choose from, and retirees can review customized options.

Recent changes impact availability of some plans. A high-deductible (HD) plan G is available with a $2,800 deductible. Plan F (HD) continues to be offered for existing customers. Once the deductible is met, the plan provides identical benefits as Plan G. Several Plan B benefits include Part B excess charges, Part B coinsurance payment, and Part A coinsurance and hospital costs (up to 365 days after Medicare benefits are used).

The highest-rated Medicare Advantage (MA) plans in Indiana include: UHC Care Advantage IN-E001, UHC Nursing Home Plan IN-F001, UHC Dual Complete IN-S001, Humana USAA Honor, Humana USAA Honor With Rx, Humana Together In Health, Humana Gold Plus – Diabetes And Heart, and AARP Medicare Advantage From UHC.

The least expensive prescription drug (Part D) plans in Indiana are: Wellcare Value Script, SilverScript SmartSaver, Cigna Saver Rx, Mutual Of Omaha Rx Essential, Wellcare Classic, Humana Walmart Value Rx, SilverScript Choice, Cigna Secure Rx, AARP Medicare Rx Walgreens From UHC, and Anthem MediBlue Rx Standard.

Medicare Supplement plans are offered by many carriers. Plans G and F are very popular while Plan G (HD) provides the lowest premium. Once the $2,800 annual deductible has been met, benefits are equal to a Part G plan and 100% of approved services are covered. The Part B annual deductible is included in the HD plan.

Under 65 Plans With Low Deductibles

Regardless if you own your own business, you’re buying a policy for the first time, or simply can not afford your existing plan, you can compare multiple PPO, EPO, and HMO policies with the best prices on our website. Easily and quickly obtain the information you are looking for, apply, and enroll for benefits and get covered. We show you the amount of federal subsidy you are eligible for, and which plans you should choose. You can also select policies that are not subsidized by the federal government.

Comprehensive office visit copay, low-deductible, and inexpensive catastrophic plans are offered, and CareSource offers plan options in 92 counties for applicants under age 65. Qualification for an ACA subsidy can reduce policy deductibles below $1,000 and office visit copays as low as $5. Monthly payments can also reduce to $0.

Silver-tier plans utilize cost-sharing to reduce out-of-pocket expenses. Deductibles, copays, and premiums can substantially reduce, depending on household income. Plan options include Ambetter Standard Silver, Ambetter Clear Silver, Ambetter Focused Silver, Anthem Silver Pathway Essentials 7200, Anthem Silver Pathway Essentials 5900 Standard, Cigna Connect Silver 8000 Indiv Med Deductible, and Cigna Connect Silver CMS Standard.