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We are Indiana’s award-winning authoritative website that guides you through applying for coverage through the State Exchange Marketplace. The rates and free quotes are always based on the absolute lowest available cost for your personal or business coverage. We show you what plans best fit your unique situation and how to easily and quickly enroll online. Senior Medigap plans are reviewed, explained, and compared.

The best prices are here for both subsidized (Obamacare) and non-subsidized policies. If you need dental or vision benefits, we can also help. Are you getting ready for Medicare? There are numerous low-cost Medigap and Advantage plans that will match and meet your budget requirements. Part D prescription drug plans are also offered by many of the top-rated companies. Senior Open Enrollment begins every October.

If you missed Open Enrollment in Indiana, or qualify for an “SEP” (Special Enrollment Period), you can purchase coverage any time of the year, and we will compare multiple plans for you, and explain your best options. Often, your health, or household income may change, and a different plan may be needed.

We understand that “one size does not fit all” and for that reason, we compare hundreds of options to provide you the best policies. If you own a small business, your needs will be different than someone who will become eligible for Medicare in six months. Also, our expert assistance is provided regardless if all family members are in perfect health, or there are serious medical issues. There are always options, and we help you find the most affordable choices.

Best Rates, Easy Comparison And Enrollment And Never Any Fees

Unlike many online sites, we specialize in Indiana health insurance plans and update rate and coverage information daily. There is also never any fee for our services. When Exchange plans became available, we continued to be your primary resource for accurate and updated information. We still help you apply for coverage and ensure that you are receiving the new federal tax credit subsidy (if you qualify). If you are Medicare-eligible, your choices, of course, are much different. Additional dental and vision plans are also offered.


Edward Harris is the owner/operator of the site and has more than 37 years of experience helping clients find affordable medical coverage. He is a 1980 graduate of Miami University in Oxford (Finance & Journalism) and enjoys tennis, golf, and international politics. He also reluctantly bowls once every 10 years. And if you call or email, you will receive a personal response.

Some “Fun Facts” about Edward:

*Has only sent seven text messages in his life.

*Was voted “One Of The Ten Worst Golfers On Campus” his junior year at Miami.

*Won “The Sporting News” Fantasy Football contest in 2006, finishing first out of more than 96,000 contestants.

*Since you started reading this page, his daughter has probably sent more than 40 text messages! (OK…Maybe not that many)

UPDATE: OK…I now text more, since our son and daughter remind us that they’ll respond to text messages in less than a minute while a phone call will take six months to return! Both of our children are now college students, and we certainly miss having them at home during the school year.

Ed is also ever present in social media where he shares his experience and provides instant help to occasional questions. Below is his Google+ social media profile:

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