Eating the right foods in the appropriate quantity can have a major positive impact on your health. If you eat right, you’re more likely to live longer, have more energy and enjoy life. Sounds easy doesn’t it?

I’m not a registered dietitian or a nutritionist. And, I don’t always eat the best foods either. But I know my “Top 10 Foods To Eat” list will provide some healthy alternatives and maybe put a smile on your face. I don’t like any of them, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t either! These tips might even give you the cheapest healthcare in Indiana if you follow them. Good luck.

1. Broccoli – You just knew that this vile vegetable would be on the list. Like many people (including ex-Presidents!), I not only will not eat it, but I pick it out of any dish that contains it. But yet, it is an incredibly healthy vegetable that is high in fiber, beta-carotene and Vitamin C. It has also been reported that broccoli reduces your risk of getting prostate cancer and heart disease. Eat it, even though I won’t!

2. Raspberries – Although I did like the musical group when they were popular many years ago, I’m not a fan of this berry. Blueberries and strawberries are luscious. Leave those for me. You should eat raspberries. A lot of them. I’ll even save some for you. But if I see them in my fruit cup, sadly, I put them aside. When they get mushy, it’s not a pleasant sight. Mushy and mold is worse.

3. Eggs – Eat one per day or one every other day or one every three days. Unless you have heart disease, eggs should be quite beneficial to you with its antioxidants and nutrients. I haven’t had one since seventh grade and I’m not starting now. I don’t even eat fried rice if it has eggs in it. I realize that most baked cookies need this ingredient, but I try not to think about it.

Fried egg close-up

4. Salmon – Loaded with Vitamin D, this fish is a great addition to your diet. Me? The only thing that’s the color orange I eat is…well…an orange! Also known as “lox” in many delicatessens, it does look very tasty on a bagel with cream cheese. Although I ate this as a child, I don’t think I’ll try it again. And no, I don’t eat sushi either.

5. Beans – Many dietitians refer to beans as “the perfect food.” I know what happens if I eat beans (which is not very often) and it’s not pleasant. However, they contain three great nutrients for women – magnesium, potassium and calcium. Of course, beans can be used in many dishes and there are many varieties, including lima, black, kidney, white and quite a few others. Adding them to salad is growing in popularity and it’s a great way to make a salad more healthy and tasty at the same time. I like croutons, cheese, or grilled chicken better on my salads.

6. Asparagus – I realize this vegetable is loaded with vitamins A, C and E along with plenty of calcium, chromium, magnesium and fiber. When my wife prepares it in a little olive oil, it actually looks tasty. But I just can’t pull the trigger on this one. It has recently been reported that one serving contains about half of your daily requirement for folic acid. That’s another good reason for YOU to eat this vile vegetable.

7. Dark Chocolate –  I’m making an exception here. I love chocolate. Perhaps growing up about 15 minutes from Hershey, Pa had some influence on that. But actually, eating a moderate amount can reduce your blood pressure and provide antioxidants that can help your cholesterol ratio. Of course, eating chocolate in moderation is a very big challenge. Typically, I don’t do very well. If it’s in front of me in any form, it will be quickly devoured. On trips of more than a few hours, I always take a few pieces.

8. Tofu –  I don’t like to be negative but tofu doesn’t look, smell or feel like anything I want to put in my mouth. It’s also a strange sounding word and that doesn’t help either. I know it contains plenty of fiber and vitamins, but so does wallpaper and I don’t eat that. I once took a bite of a tofu burger and I did live through the experience. But once was enough. No. Once was too much! I’m sorry. I just can’t do it again.

9. Avocado –  Although it’s fun to pronounce the word, you either love or hate this fruit. Avocado is soggy, moist and green. Are you sure you want to ingest this? I suppose that if you use it instead of much more fattening items (such as mayonnaise) it would make sense. But you have that huge pit in the middle to further complicate things. And of course, guacamole is also on my “no-eat” list. But don’t try to convince my wife. She loves it in all forms.

10. Figs –  No, not Fig-Newtons. Those I like, especially the new blueberry-flavored ones. The strawberry Fig-Newtons are also very tasty and hard to stop eating. If you have noticed that I don’t want to talk about figs, you’re right. I just don’t like them. I know. They have a lot of potassium and calcium and can also lower your blood pressure. But I would rather have a dried pineapple or dried apple, which is probably not as nutritious. Dried peaches are also delicious.

Don’t you feel healthier already? Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to enjoy a bag of my favorite brand of potato chips. And perhaps some beef jerky and a few Kit Kat bars.

Added bonus below: Original photo by J.S.