Low-cost dental insurance coverage in Indiana is offered by several large companies, and rates may be much cheaper than you realized. Individual and family plans are available from top-rated carriers such as Aetna, Anthem, UnitedHealthcare, Humana, Delta Dental, and others. We make it easy for you to quickly compare multiple companies and obtain quality benefits at the cheapest prices.

Next-day coverage is often available, and benefits typically include teeth cleanings, restorative dentistry and cleanings, oral surgery, extractions, x-rays, and crowns. Additional benefits can include root canals, periodontics, dentures, bridges, sealant, and endodontics. Depending on the plan, a sort waiting period may be required for major procedures. The network of partipating providers is generally quite extensive.

Below, we have reviewed and compared the best Indiana dental plan options, and included an online link that enables you to quickly enroll for a policy and get covered. All major carriers that offer benefits are included. NOTE: Metlife dental plans are only available through an employer or to retirees who have converted their individual coverage.

Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield

Anthem is the largest writer of healthcare coverage in Indiana, with market share increasing each year. You can view their health insurance plans here. Their dental details are shown below.

Anthem Dental Family – Anthem’s least expensive dental plan with a $50 deductible (per person) per year and a maximum yearly benefit payout of $750 (not applicable to dependents 18 or younger). Diagnostic and preventive services have no waiting period with cleanings, exams and x-rays covered at 100%.

Basic services (six-month waiting period for adults) and filling are included in the policy although extra cleanings and brush biopsies are not. Complex and major expenses have a one-year waiting period, although for dependents, it is often waived.

Other included benefits are root canal, scaling, tooth removal, endodontic and periodontic surgery, crowns, dentures, and bridges. Medically-needed orthodontia is covered for children (under age 19), but not adults. Cosmetic expenditures are generally excluded.

Anthem Dental Family Enhanced – Adult deductible is also $50 for all services while children’s (under age 19) deductible is only $25.  The maximum yearly benefit increases to $1,000, and diagnostic and preventive services have no waiting period. However, basic services still feature a 6-month waiting period for adults.

Coverage for fillings is higher than the Family plan (80% vs. 60% and 50%), along with root canal, scaling, tooth removal, endodontic and periodontic surgery benefits. The “Dental Prime” network is utilized and the yearly out-of-pocket limit of $350 still applies to children only (same as previous plan).

Anthem Dental Prime

Three Plans (A, B and C) are offered with different maximum benefits ($500, $1,000 and $1,250). A 12-month waiting period applies to complex and major services for all three plans. Plan A does not cover fillings or a brush biopsy. A $50 deductible applies only to Plans B and C while there is no yearly out-of-pocket limit.

An Optional “Blue Vision” rider is offered that features more than 25,000 network facilities throughout the US. Often retail locations can be used, such as LensCrafters, Target Optical, Sears Optical, and Pearle Vision. Negotiated discounts can reduce prices by as much as 40% at many locations.

An eye exam ($20 copay) is allowed once per year with a pair of glasses (standard lenses) allowed every once per two years ($20 copay). Contact lenses and frames can be replaced every 24 months. Factory scratch coating is a rider that can be added (free) along with polycarbonate lenses for anyone under age 19.


UnitedHealthcare is one of the largest and highest rated companies in the industry. Their Life Insurance company actually administrates and offers dental plans. Rated “A” by A.M. Best Company, and with more than 30 million customers, you won’t have trouble finding a network provider.

Primary – The cheapest option, a $50 deductible applies to basic services (6-month waiting period), and a $25 copay (no waiting period) applies to preventive benefits. Major services are not provided on this inexpensive plan.

The annual maximum is $1,000 per person, and the typical out-of-pocket cost for a cleaning is approximately $25 (assuming a network provider). Vision benefits are also available.

Primary Preferred – Similar to previous plan although major services are provided with a 12-month waiting period. Benefits are paid at 50% once the deductible has been reached. Copays and annual maximums are the same as “Primary” plan.

Premier Choice – Basic and major services deductibles are only $50 combined (per person).  For larger families, the maximum number of deductibles is three. No copay or waiting period for approved preventative services.

Basic services (20% copay after deductible) have a 6-month waiting period while major services (50% copay after deductible) have a 12-month waiting period. Orthodontics is not covered and annual maximums gradually increase the first four years.

For example, $1,200 is the maximum the first year the policy is in effect. However, this amount increases by $100 on the anniversary date up to a maximum of $1,500. Network negotiated discounts allow you to pay only $16 for a filling (Amalgam 1 surface) and $385 for a molar root canal.

Premier Elite – Very Similar to prior plan with a major difference. Non-network copays are much lower. For example, a cleaning from a dentist that is not in the UHC network is subject to only a $5 copay (instead of $34). Other minor and major services also receive lower out-of-pocket costs.

Additional information that applies to all UHC plans:

No benefits are paid for expenses that occur before the effective date. This also applies to any waiting periods, or any claim submitted after the policy has been terminated. Also, treatment must be performed in a dental office by licensed personnel.

If injuries were the result of self-infliction, attempted suicide, or war, they will not be covered. Acupuncture and other alternative treatments are excluded. And in most states, if you receive service or treatment from someone that lives with you or is a relative, benefits may be excluded.


Humana was recently purchased by Aetna, but still offers many attractively-priced plans. We have illustrated the four most popular options below.  An additional policy is available by request. The “Preventative Plus Package For Veterans” requires proof of military service and is a specialized product. The Humana dental network can be found here.

Dental Loyalty Plus – Choice of any dentist, whether inside or outside of network. Deductibles of $150 per person or $450 per family. $1,000 annual maximum benefit increases to $1,500 after three years. Preventative paid at 100% and no waiting period for covered benefits.

Dental Preventive Plus – Similar to previous plan, although the annual maximum benefit does not increase and there is a six-month waiting period for basic services such as fillings and oral surgery. Premium is also lower.

Dental Value – Only in-network benefits and a primary-care dentist must be selected. However, there is no deductible or annual maximum for benefits paid. A small copay applies to visits.

Dental Savings Plus – This policy is classified as a “discount plan,” since it is not considered insurance. A discount applies to in-network dentists. Also included are discounts for vision expenses (up to 40%), hearing services, including an exam, and discounts on drug costs, which are typically 5%-30%. The one-time enrollment fee is $15.

Discount Dental Plans

The cheapest option is utilizing one of several available “discount” options. Although they are not considered “insurance,” they do provide savings (often significant) when procedures are performed through network providers. NOTE: The American Dental Association does not endorse any specific plan.

Typically, there are no claims forms and payment is made at the time of service. Listed below are several of the most popular policy options:

Careington Care 500 Series – One of the bigger providers with more than 60,000 network providers. Orthodontics (child and adult) is included along with cosmetic benefits. Surprisingly, vision and Lasik is also included. Routine checkups cost only $16 (70% discount) while adult cleanings require only a $37 copay.

Aetna Vital Savings – Aetna’s discount version includes up to 50% savings on many major procedures including a root canal, crowns, and orthodontia. Prescription drugs are also discounted. Routine six-month checkups cost $24 and  an adult cleaning costs $54.

CVS iSave –  Yes, it is that CVS!National network of more than 100,000 dentists and specialists. Discount of 15%-50% on most major and minor procedures. Routine checkups (adult) cost $21 while cleanings cost $32 (children) or $47 (adults). A simple tooth extraction will cost $56.

10 Wellness programs are added, including TelaDoc, Medical Health Advisor, and Health Wealth Connection. Other extras include fitness discounts, 24-hour nurse hotline, and chiropractic/alternative medicine savings.

CignaPlus Savings – Orthodontia benefits are included along with the large Cigna network of more than 110,000 providers. Referrals are not needed for visits to specialists, and special group pricing is available. Routine checkups and adult cleanings cost $21 and $47 respectively. Depending on the type, a root canal can cost as little as $316.