Should you buy your health insurance from a broker? Or should you buy directly from or an Indiana insurance company? And is your rate higher by using a broker, or do you receive a discounted premium? These are legitimate concerns by Indiana consumers and we discuss the pros and cons of each choice.

Most importantly, the rate you pay for your medical coverage is the same regardless of how or where you purchase that specific policy. Exchange prices do not vary for the same product, regardless of where it is purchased. Although Marketplace plans are heavily regulated, the cost of coverage and the amount of federal subsidy you receive (if you qualify) is fixed. Currently, Ambetter, CareSource, Celtic, Aetna, Cigna, US Health And Life, and Anthem Blue Cross provide 2024 plan options to applicants that have not reached age 65 and also are not eligible for Medicare.

Enrolling Through Our Website

If you purchase a policy directly from the insurer, and the monthly premium is $110, when you enroll directly through our website, the rate will be identical to the price offered through the government Marketplace or any other broker/agent. There are no fees or additional penalties for terminating coverage. Your customized and personalized service is always offered.

There are no associations to join, and you are not required to complete a physical examination or answer medical questions for qualified benefits. However, since we review all available offered plans, calculate your subsidy, and provide unbiased advice that benefits only yourself, utilizing our website and free services are your best option.We will also upload any required documents. Typically 60 days (or longer) is provided to furnish required documentation.

We customize your personal online quotes to help you view only the most cost-effective options. For example, if you are currently receiving treatment for a chronic illness, which involves expensive non-generic medications, a Bronze-tier plan may not be appropriate. If you regularly visit specialists, it is critical to have a policy with a copay for those visits, and not a large deductible to meet.

A Gold-tier plan may offer the lowest deductible, but if the deductible is rarely met, purchasing a Silver-tier plan may reduce your out-of-pocket expenses. If cost-sharing is utilized, copays and coinsurance can also reduce. Platinum plans are the most expensive option, but often have high out-of-pocket expense maximums.

NOTE: In previous years, the government website contained many glitches, delays, security concerns and confusing data. Although most of these concerns have been resolved within the last 12-24 months, many dissatisfied customers prefer to utilize our website. And why not? You can speak to a live person and enroll in less than 20 minutes by phone or online. If you have questions about future coverage, or the impact of recent elections, we can provide answers.

Why Us?

So why do so many people choose to work with us? Perhaps because we are completely unbiased, and offer 40 years of experience, which is rarely matched by any other website.  When you visit our established website, we present current and accurate information, and recommendations that save you money. We do not work for a single insurer, and only consider your best interests.

Often, a non-Obamacare plan is the best choice, especially if you don’t qualify for a federal subsidy or the Open Enrollment deadline was missed. Plans are available throughout the year with no waiting period. Short-term and Christian Healthcare Ministry (only selected options) plans provide alternative options. Temporary contracts provide low-cost coverage that covers major medical expenses.

Instead of receiving advice and 10 reasons why you should purchase a policy from “Company A,” customers receive expert research and guidance about “Company A, B, C, D, and E.” Our loyalty is to you, so you can be confident you’re always paying as little as possible. And, by learning about different plan options, you’ll have a much better understanding about your benefits.

If you qualify for “free” coverage, (Medicaid or subsidy) we’ll objectively explain the advantages and disadvantages along with the best case and worst case scenarios. You should always be made aware of both bad and good consequences that can result from choosing a specific plan vs. another. Although you may qualify for Medicaid or CHIP, you are not obligated to enroll. However, remaining uninsured should not be considered.

Regardless if you apply through Anthem, UnitedHealthcare, or any other carrier, we will not show bias or favoritism towards any single carrier. Our “favoritism” will be towards you…our client, who we are obligated to offer the best policies at the absolute lowest possible cost. And just as importantly, our 40 years of experience keeps you informed of industry changes and improvements.

Fees? None. Free Expert Assistance? Plenty!

What about fees that you pay? There are never any costs or fees associated with our website. Ironically, we are paid directly by the insurers since they realize that most persons purchasing coverage prefer to work with independent websites and brokers. Thus, you receive the lowest possible rate, pay no extra costs, and typically work with someone who has many years of experience that will drastically simplify a complex decision.

We provide free service for every type of issue – claims, billing, benefits, policy changes, renewing or replacing a policy, Senior Medicare issues, and much more. An annual review of your plan and industry updates are provided so you are always well-informed.

After you buy your policy, you may need some assistance. It may only be once per year or several times each month. Usually, consumers prefer to communicate and work with the same person, as opposed to a customer-service office that may have high employee turnover. It is not unusual for us to spend more time servicing than selling. And we still have not talked to one person who prefers to be serviced by a government healthcare website instead of an experienced local broker.

Instead of talking to someone different each time you contact the federal website (after you have been “on hold” for 20 minutes), we’ll know who you are, and when you call or email us. Need an answer from a live person at midnight? Most evenings, we’ll provide a live response.

Updates And Reviews Always Available

And just as importantly, your existing Indiana medical coverage will eventually need updating, or perhaps even changed to a different carrier. In that situation, it is imperative that you are considering all of the companies in the state, and not just one. Prices change every month, and we monitor and update product and rate fluctuations.

Indiana Open Enrollment

Open Enrollment takes place every year, so although you do not have to make any changes to your policy, it is your inherent right to switch coverage without taking a physical or answering  medical questions. Under 65 OE begins November 1 and ends December 15th. Senior Medicare OE begins October 15th and ends December 7th.

There is no extra cost associated to changing benefits. Since each carrier’s provider networks are different, before a change is made, please ask us to verify that your existing physicians, specialists, hospitals, and other medical facilities will still be available.

Some of the circumstances that could warrant considering a change include moving to a different area, developing a chronic disease that requires tens of thousands of dollars (or more) of annual treatment, or having a family member become eligible for Medicare.

We do not question the integrity or honesty of any employee that works directly for Anthem, Humana, UnitedHealthcare, or any of the top companies. However, when you “go direct,” you are not shopping or comparing all of the best plan options. You’re only viewing a fraction of the available policies, when you should be reviewing all options. Also, each year, new plans are introduced (Senior and Under-65), and its possible rates will be very competitive in your area.

When you enroll for coverage through our website, you receive the lowest possible rate, great service for all of your needs, and annual updates that review your current plan. Shopping online isn’t the same as meeting in person. So we give you a choice of how you wish to receive your information.

Finally, our rates are guaranteed to be the same that are available directly through or any single carrier. However, our personalized and customized expert service gives our customers a significant advantage.